How people find my blog…brace yourself…

I love laughing. As Charlie McDonnell says, “Laughing is seriously my second favorite thing…after eating.” And it’s true. Brian Regan? Haha. Watching old home movies and seeing how much of a SPAZ I was? Funny…and slightly annoying. Dick Van Dyke’s attempted accent in Mary Poppins? Don’t even get me started. So looking at my site stats and seeing the search terms people use to find my blog always makes me happy. Because they’re downright weird. I got a few of the funny ones, attempted to make them into poems/haikus, and I didn’t make any of them up or correct any grammar, obviously. So without further adieu, here we go:

christian bale eating chips
appetizers in british
freddie mercury so close
english tipsy puding cakes recipes

you think im fruity fruit cellar
dwarf celebrities family
unphotogenic dog
st. louis here we come

fat italian
nacho libre, you are fat

spaghetti tacos fotos
intense dr pepper cupcakes
a*mazing kids tv show

piping frosting lion
spongebob chocolate guy
damian mcginty crazy pic

why is it said if you cannot convince any one just confuse them with comments?
how can i know if am eating rum cake?
want to hear about my fat dog?
where is my brightside?
can you boil a whole potato?

christian bale boil
who would make a great catwoman
how many at batman tonight
people yelling non english word as christian bale climbs out the pit

what is sfogliatine
stop drinking dr pepper blog post
if i were stuck on an island i’d bring dora the explorer
black and silver spoon with black eye

punching punching down
screaming mondays
all of the sudden i’m allergic to bees

leonardo dicaprio’s stairway to heaven
christian bale “leo dicaprio you can’t sit with us”
is leonardo dicaprio an idiot?



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