A superhero cake for my brother who pretends he’s Batman

So, my brother. You know, the one who prays for Megan Fox and confuses the words potato and tornado? Yeah, he’s obsessed with superheroes. And obsessed is an understatement.

Every day his favorite superhero changes. Right now it’s a tie between Green Lantern and Batman, because he doesn’t like ones that fly. Apparently Batman doesn’t fly. Hmmm. I don’t understand that boy.

None of my other brothers have been as fascinated as he is with men who wear capes and most likely have anger issues. They were more into Blue’s Clues and cars, and they certainly didn’t run around the house wearing Batman glasses, a Spiderman shirt, and yelling I’M GOING TO DESTROY YOU. He doesn’t get his craziness from me. I think?

It’s his birthday in a few days and for months now he’s been saying that he wants a superhero cake. Since I enjoy superheros too (Exhibit A: Batman converses.), I’ve been really excited about making one for him. So yesterday I sketched out a design for one that I’m not going to show because it looks like a talented 5 year old drew it. I really need to forget my non-existent dream of going to art school.

I think I also need to forget my non-existent dream of being on Ace of Cakes. It’s not too shabby for someone who really has no attention to detail, right? Just agree with me.

I was going to do a three layer cake and have a layer each for Spiderman, Batman, and Green Lantern, but I would have used three boxes of cake mix and that might have been a little too much cake. Maybe. So I used two boxes which made four 9-inch cakes. I stacked them on top of each other and cut the top layer down to be 7-inches. I forget that when you cut a cake the sides get all crumby. Hence the top layer doesn’t look so hot. The icing and I had a bit of a fight at 11pm yesterday.

So anyway, happy birthday, future Mr. Megan Fox. You’re insane, you know that? But you make me laugh. And I very much approve of your love of Batman.


10 thoughts on “A superhero cake for my brother who pretends he’s Batman

  1. Picco: The Superheroine. What a dear sweet sister you are; as you went to BAT for your younger brother by baking him a birthday cake that would make his friends GREEN with envy.

  2. Oh my that reminds me of when my little brother was even littler. He was obsessed with Batman too, he wore his Batman cape and mask EVERYWHERE! He even wore it when we met Cardinal B. in a private meeting for the very first time! To which the then Archbishop, thought was very funny and told Jr., “Oh look you have a cape like me!” ;D

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