Mid-week Crisis: The portrait of Picco Grey

1. Is anyone else super excited that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in Premium Rush which is out now as well as Looper which is out in a month? I wanted to see the hour and half Joe Show/Premium Rush last weekend with Marie since EMILY HAD TO LEAVE AND GO GET EDUCATED AT COLLEGE, but she had to work. The three amigos broke up. Although I don’t think we ever actually called ourselves that. Now we do?

2. I watched the entire first season of Fringe in a week. And I may or may not be getting the first disk of season 2 from Netflix today. My parents won’t let me buy the second season. I’m not sure why, since I know I’d be totally productive and would only watch one episode a day. Ha, not.

3. The wall of Picco has expanded. See my awesome New York poster? I also have glow in the dark stars. Are there any other 17 year olds that have those too…?

Also, my friend drew this picture of me.

At first my nose was huge and even her mom was like ugh, fix that now. In case you were wondering, this doesn’t even look like me at all. The hair is right, but I have Joseph Gordon-Levitt eyes. I promise I won’t mention him again in this post.

4. I love Glozell.

5. I used to think it was lame that people would find friends over the internet. Well, it’s still a bit lame…but thanks to this blog I now have the coolest friends…that I’ll probably not meet for a long time. The coolest ones are definitely Tia, Kait, and Mara (because she’s adorable and is getting married to Hunky McGorgeous).  I’m actually talking to Kait over Gmail chat right now and all I’m trying to do is finish up this stupid post. Stop distracting me. Jeez.

6. The other day I decided that I was youthful and that it would be a good idea to do the monkey bars and flip-overs on a bar at the park close by. That might go down in history as the worst idea ever, after promising to not talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this post. I aggravated both sciatic nerves and I’m pretty much in a bit of pain. Although the other day I was told I complain too much, and now I’m self-concious about it…hmmm…anyway, I was reading online what to do when you have annoyed the most painful nerves in your entire body, and the intertron said to rest for a few days and then exercise. That was also the worst idea ever.  I ran two miles a few days ago and just accepted the fact that I was going to die. And then I ran again today. Dear internet, YOU LIE. Do you enjoy seeing me suffer? I hate you. Love, Picco.

7. Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with a girl who was my best friend for years. We kind of drifted apart/got in a huge fight and I haven’t talked to her in a year and have only seen her twice in 2 years… but we’ve been talking lately and decided to get together. We’ll see how things go, but I’m pretty much super excited. Although I can’t tell if I’m more excited because I’m going to see her or because we’re going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

8. Don’t judge.


10 thoughts on “Mid-week Crisis: The portrait of Picco Grey

  1. Maybe…just MAYBE I’m actually the first commenter for once.
    Probably not.
    Hello. Is you okay? IS YOU OKAY? Cuz I wants to know.
    I’m like the freaking best distract-er ever. Yet not quite good enough because this post still managed to get written.
    Yeah the internet is all like “Oh, you hurt yourself exercising? The way to fix that is by exercising.”

    • You are indeed the first. Congrats. I award you with…ummm…nothing.

      You are the best distractor ever. My mom’s like you’ve been working on that post for an hour. What’s taking so long?! And I’m like uhhhh, I’m multi-tasking, which means I’m only talking to Kait.

      Stupid internet. And stupid me for listening to it.

  2. Hahaha, Glozell is hilarious! Oh, my. I will never ever try the cinnamon challenge.

    I cannot WAIT to see Looper. It has so many good people in it! And it was so weird watching the preview for the first time and seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt in the makeup and being like… wait… who… whaaaat???

    • Isn’t she? :) I love her and her weirdness.

      It’s so cool to see him look like Bruce Willis. Apparently they did a lot of CGI to make him look like that, which is impressive since, from what I can see from the trailer, it seems totally natural.

  3. Aww I feel so special. :D I used to think that making internet friends was weird too…but now all my best friends (AKA You, Marie, Rach, and Mara) are on the internet. Which might say something about my awkward social life.

    I LOVE your wall of Picco! Fantabulous, darling. Are you other walls as awesome as that one?

    I hope you had a great time hanging out with your friend!! Or at least eating cheesecake. Who can go wrong with that?


    • Oh thank you, dearie. Eh, not as awesome, but the other wall has two 24×36 posters. One is a black and white one of the Beatles, and the other is of Damian McGinty. Look him up, especially him singing Young Love. He’s Irish and quite attractive.

      I did :) We ended up not getting cheesecake since we were stuffed. She got the fried mac and cheese, and I ate almost an entire tomato, basil, and cheese pizza. Yum.

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