Mid-week Crisis: Cool story, Skandar.

1. Remember Skandar Keynes? I used to talk about him…ummm…all the time. Luckily I switched over to talking about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and have succeeded in making you all insane because of it. Sorry? Anyway, he turned 21 today. Happy birthday, my dear slightly-unattractive-but-totally-amazing-future-husband. I’m so glad that you’re an awful actor and no one knows about you. That means I can have you all to myself. MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think I have issues.

2. Last week I went out to lunch with my friend Katie. She makes me laugh and we share a mutual love of food. Win. Also, I didn’t eat any of my pizza crusts, and I’m sure the waitress thought I was crazy when she took away my plate with 6 of them.

3. This post made me a little sniffily…

4. Fringe season 2, disk 2. Coming to a mailbox near you. Also known as my mailbox today. I love Netflix.

5. This pin sums up my general you’re-really-annoying-me attitude as of late. I think I need an attitude adjustment. Also, I own this pin, so don’t bother me or it may end up pinned to your face. Fair warning.

6. I’m not sure about you, but the song Call Me Maybe gets stuck in my head all the time. I think that song is actually brainwashing us. That being said, I found a Batman parody of it that is, um, amazing.

7. Whatever you do, do NOT look at How Sweet It Is’ food board on Pinterest. It makes me sad every time I look at it because none of the food is in my belly. I think someone needs to invent a machine that can convert pictures of food into actual food. Yeah, best idea ever. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Mid-week Crisis: Cool story, Skandar.

    • I’m so glad there’s someone else in my anti-pizza crust world. It’s a nice world, but I definitely get weird looks. I also eat my pizza with a knife and fork, which really doesn’t help either…

      Haha! That’s awesome :)

      I’m subscribed to her blog and I hate waking up every morning to hilarious posts filled with gorgeous pictures and amazing food. I think she needs to adopt me.

  1. I only ever eat my pizza crusts if I’m still really really hungry after eating the rest of it (which I usually offset by always ordering a large)

    PS Best Call Me Maybe Parody is the singing Raccoon…

    “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy
    But I just bit you & I have Rabies”

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