Mid-week Crisis: In which I get my 8th pair of converses. I’m not obsessed.

1. Tonight at dinner we somehow got on the subject of mercury in fish. Evil Scientist brother casually interrupted the conversation and said, “Hey, mercury’s atomic number is 80.”  We were all like heh heh…I hope you’re joking… he then got out the table of elements (because all homeschoolers keep the periodic table handy, obviously…) and showed us that he was correct. How am I related to these people?

2. Months ago my aunt was going to get me a pair of Union Jack converses, but that fell through and I forgot about them. Then for my birthday she showed me a picture of two different pairs of Beatles converses I could choose from. I picked one out and, again, forgot about them. I think I have memory issues. She came over today and BOOM look what I have.

3. Kait and I were brainstorming ideas for my senior quote. I think we finally decided on “Vote for Pedro,” but these were some other options.

4. Speaking of Kait, she mailed me 12 bags of tea when I was sick last week. She is quite lovely, if I may say so.

5. I started a Heath Ledger board on my pinterest thinking it would help bring me closure. Nope. Only makes things worse. And the fact that I have a picture of him as my background on my laptop doesn’t help either.

6. I’m starting college essays. The prompt for one of the colleges I’m applying to is to either write about a topic important to me (food) or a journey (having a blog and teaching myself how to cook…so I could make food). I’m going with option number two. I’ll keep you guys updated.

7. I’m not sure if I’ve told you all about my siblings, so drumroll please. I’m the oldest. Muahhahahaha. I have three brothers – Future Chef, Evil Scientist, and Corrupted Brother – and two sisters. One is Sister Celiac and I’ve decided to name my youngest sister Brute. She’s surrounded by brothers and she is one tough cookie, to say the least. She can pick up Sister Celiac who is 7 years older than she is. Yeah, scary. This is a picture that she drew and taped to the wall.

Again, scary.

8. Is anyone else completely excited to see Looper in two days? Although I’m a bit hesitant to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt look like Bruce Willis. I mean, I’m sure he’s still attractive and stuff…but…I’ll have to actually pay attention to the storyline instead of just staring at him. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this.

9. I dropped fifty bucks on a Fringe hoodie. So worth it? I think yes.

2 thoughts on “Mid-week Crisis: In which I get my 8th pair of converses. I’m not obsessed.

  1. Love your converse! Now you officially have five more pair of converse than I do. And two of mine aren’t name brand… Hmmm… I absolutely love hearing about your siblings! Keep the stories coming! ;D


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