December photo challenge day 3: Red. Also, I’m pretending days 1 and 2 never existed.

So, there was something on Pinterest (which is how the beginning of all of my sentences start) that listed 31 things to take pictures of every day during December. I’ve decided to take on that challenge since I really don’t have much else to talk about at the moment… I love that this blog has nothing at all to do with The Silver Spoon anymore.

december photo a day challenge

For December 1st I was supposed to take a picture of my view today, and yesterday I was supposed to take a picture of my favorite holiday movie. Since I’m not exactly sure how I would photograph my view and we don’t have The Nightmare Before Christmas, I’ve decided to skip those days and pretend like they were never included. I mean, nothing important happens on those days anyway. Unless you count the anniversary of meeting a friend important, which I do. Basically I have no idea what I’m talking about right now. I’ll stop.

Today I had to take a picture of something red. I guess these pictures are supposed to relate to Christmas stuff, but that isn’t going to happen. Here are my Converses. They’re the only pair I have that have red in them. They also have pictures of The Beatles on the sides and I love them dearly.

red beatles converses

Just in case this picture didn’t have enough red in it, I wore my lovely red socks. Fashion faux pas? I think not.


17 thoughts on “December photo challenge day 3: Red. Also, I’m pretending days 1 and 2 never existed.

  1. You see that’s where we differ, all of my sentences normally start with ‘I saw this thing on Pinterest’

    See the difference? We are poles apart…

    Also if I were to take a picture of something red today I would do a head & shoulders shot, will my pasty English skin ever get used to all year round blazing sun?

    PS… I hope you are thinking about all those lovely college recipes, don’t think for one minute Agent Piccolo that I have forgotten you accepted the mission ;-)

    • Oof, I get sunburned too. Although I don’t have an excuse like being British :/ I’ll work on fabricating a lie and get back to you.

      Let me introduce myself: I am Picco, the girl with absolutely no short-term memory. What was my mission? I would be a horrid Secret Agent, forgetting my missions and such.

      • As I also suffer from short term memory loss (technically borderline dementia) I’ll let it slide :P

        ‘Twas a guest post about how you intend to feed yourself in college pl! There has got to be more to the college girls menu than Top Ramen and Ben & Jerry’s (wait a minute, that was my college menu)

        • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes. I’m assuming Top Ramen is just Ramen noodles? We just call it Ramen, but I’m totally stealing your name for it… I’m also stealing the words brilliant, craic, and loo.

          • Top Ramen yeah the same, maybe Sainsbury’s do a much more ‘Top’ version than cost co (being a slightly posher super market) and it’s really cool to call everything that’s good ‘Top Tank’ – Also have you started watching Made In Chelsea yet? As you are sure to spot a future husband on that show.

            Here’s a Hindi word you can also steal ‘Jaldi’
            …… It means SOON (PLeeeeze!)

  2. Picco, my picture today had nothing to do with Christmas either! Cute shoes. The person who got them for you must be super cool!

  3. That sounds like a great challenge!! I think I want to do it…. Except that I can’t upload my photos onto my blog anymore without upgrading… blah. Hey, I could email them to you! What thinkest thou?

    And, Converse always works. No matter what.


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