December photo challenge day 6: Shopping with someone else’s money

I’m broke. Aside from teaching piano lessons, I don’t have a job or a car to drive myself to a job. I also don’t have my license, which doesn’t really help with anything. Taking a picture of shopping today was out of the question, unless I intended on getting into my imaginary 69 Camaro SS and driving to a mall to spend money I don’t have to buy stuff I probably don’t need. That would be sheer talent on my part, I tell you.

The other day I bought what might be the coolest thing I’ve ever purchased. And when I say “I bought” I mean “I put it in the website’s shopping cart and my parents paid for it.” What is it, you ask?

star wars family decals

Yes, these are now affixed to the back of my mom’s car. I’m Padme Amidala with the cool gun and the Britney Spears shirt, in case you were wondering. In addition to the Italiana family being represented in Star Wars decals, we also have a bumper sticker that says “My other car is the Big Red Car.” We got it when we went to a Wiggles concert a few years ago. I was the one who requested we buy it.

Piccola Italiana: Making automobiles awesome since 1995.


4 thoughts on “December photo challenge day 6: Shopping with someone else’s money

  1. That is awesome. Like, epic. I absolutely love Star Wars – I was pretty much raised on them – so this just made me smile. I love it that your Dad is Darth Vadar! And of course you have to be Padme, because she’s the coolest. ;) And it’s a given that Spiderbaby is Yoda. haha


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