December photo challenge day 8: An ornament and tales of my childhood

Fun fact: We don’t put up our Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas. I’m not entirely sure how that’s a fun fact, but let’s pretend it is. Since it’s only the 8th of December, we don’t have any Christmas stuff out yet, so I had to go digging in our garage for the box full of all things Christmasy. We have a lot of ornaments out there, ranging from pretty gold angels to an awkward picture of my face when I was 9 haphazardly glued on to a construction paper tree. I always stick that one on the back of the tree because it’s beyond ugly. You have no idea. I was trying to find an ornament that had a story behind it so I’d actually have something to blog about, and I found this one. And yes, it’s hanging from our Hibiscus tree.

angel ornament

I got this from my Montessori teachers when I was 4. I was trying to remember interesting stories from Montessori, but that was over a decade ago. My goodness I’m old. I delved into the depths of my mind (that was my attempt at sounding poetic) and here’s what I was able to scrounge up story-wise:

One of the teachers at recess told us to always walk behind the swings when people were swinging so that we wouldn’t get kicked. I distinctly remember that I was walking to the slide and went behind the swings… and the person I was walking behind kicked me in the head. I was so mad at the teacher for telling me lies that I took it out on the person swinging and hit them when they swung back to me. I was quite an interesting child.

There was a boy named Ryan who bothered me to no end. He was almost as annoying as Bad Bobby (I think my mom made up that name, but it might have been me. Not sure. All I know is that he lived up to his name and eventually got kicked out of the school.). Bad Bobby and I fought a lot and once he pushed me off my chair. It was one of those little toddler chairs that is like 6 inches from the ground, but it was completely uncalled for. I’m sure I didn’t deserve it at all. Back to Ryan. I don’t remember exactly what was happening, but I remember I got extremely mad at him and bit him on the shoulder. I was in so much trouble with my parents and his. I felt so bad. And I refused to apologize.

Now for some stories that don’t make me sound like a child in desperate need of constant time-outs and tranquilizers. I remember that I always made those crafts where you punch a design out of construction paper using a push pin. Did anyone else ever do that? There was also a whole lot of Bill Nye the Science Guy going on. And once I felt like such a rebel because I tied my sweater around my waist like the big kid Kindergardeners did. I live on the edge, dude.

That’s really all I remember. Is it weird that I vividly remember the two mean things I did? Well, three. After Bad Bobby pushed me off of my chair, he then kicked me in the head. I got kicked in the head a lot, which explains so much… The next day, he was with the teachers greeting us kids as we walked in, and I stealthily nudged him in the shins as I walked by. Well, maybe more than nudge, but I didn’t get caught so let’s stick with nudge. Don’t let my childhood fool you. I am really quite a nice person now.


6 thoughts on “December photo challenge day 8: An ornament and tales of my childhood

  1. First off, that ornament is beautiful. Secondly, I can’t imagine why your teacher gave it to you when you were such a bad child! Oh my goodness Picco, you were really bad! Biting his shoulder? Kicking them back? I’m glad you’re nice now though…. Or should I still be slightly cautious? hehe


    • I love it too. Hey, this post makes me sound much crazier than I actually was/am. And anyway, I never fought back if I didn’t have a valid reason. I think being kicked in the head is grounds for a kick in the shins. I had little 4 year old girl legs, I’m sure it couldn’t have hurt… Don’t base your opinion of me on my few crazy moments ;)

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