December photo challenge days 9 & 10: The impressive literature I’m reading and (w)rapping paper

I took a picture yesterday for this photo challenge, but I was too busy to put it up. Actually I wasn’t. I hate when people give the “I was too busy” excuse, because you can make time for the things you want to make time for. Ergo, I wanted to go out to dinner with a friend and then go back and watch The Hunger Games at their house more than I wanted to blog. Priorities.

Here’s the one from yesterday. As I was crankily (crankily?) getting ready for church while still half-asleep, I looked at the back of the bottle of hairspray. I’ve never really read the back of it because, frankly, who does? Well, now I do.

snarky aussie hairspray

I had to take a picture of something that I’m reading and that something is the instructions on my hairspray bottle. “It’s hairspray. Spray it on your hair” sounded like something I’d write. So basically the only reason I took this is because I was impressed by the instructions. In addition, I am also reading Crime and Punishment, The Great Gatsby, and the backs of cereal boxes.

Today I had to take a picture of wrapping paper. I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to getting useless things out of one’s basement. I’m not even sure where the wrapping paper is down there, so I had to substitute it with this.

rapping paper

Get it? Rapping paper? Eminem? Haha…? It made sense to me.


6 thoughts on “December photo challenge days 9 & 10: The impressive literature I’m reading and (w)rapping paper

  1. Haha, I like it! And actually, I always read the backs of cosmetics products…not sure why, it’s probably a lame habit, but it’s kind of an addiction I have. I buy something new, I have to read *everything* on it. After all, aren’t I paying for the ink they use to decorate the outside of it anyway? I might as well read it. ;)


  2. picco, i too was too lazy to go find the real wrapping paper so i just posted a picture of some word search wrapping paper i saw on pinterest as “wrapping paper inspiration”. does that count? oh, and yesterday, i was reading my email, so i posted that. haha i love how we basically have the same approach to this photo challenge.

  3. The hairspray instructions are killer! I love that! I also love how you’re cheating just a little bit on the answers. Very clevah! :D Hehehe! I’m much entertained!

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