December photo challenge days 11 & 13: Green and family. Aaannnddd I accidently deleted my picture for day 12.

Basically, I’m lazy. I thought this picture challenge would help motivate me to post every day during December, but, as you can see, no such luck.

I blame this as the reason why I haven’t been able to put up a picture every day:

photo challenge for december. uhh, green stuff.

On the 11th I was supposed to take a picture of something green and I thought hey, why not take a picture of my wonderful school books that act as educational instruments to transfer knowledge into my cranium? Actually I didn’t think that at all. My thought process was more like GAHHHHHHHHHH. SO MUCH SCHOOL. WILL IT EVER END?! And the answer is no. Anyway, here are my green math and history books. I made sure to stick my math notebook into the picture just to prove to you that I do in fact do school and I don’t just watch Downton Abbey all day while eating cookie dough. Speaking of Downton, 24 more days until us Americans can watch it. Dumb PBS. Making us wait and such. I bet England is already on like season 6 or something and maybe even season 3 of Sherlock. Oh wait, they can’t be on another season of Sherlock because it hasn’t even be written. I bet the writers haven’t even thought about it yet. They probably go to sleep at night thinking, “Wait, what’s my job? Do I write the scripts for some British tv show? Nah, I don’t think so since I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a script.” I know that’s what they think, for I am the Sherlock Script Writer Whisperer. Like a horse whisperer… kind of?

Yesterday, the picture of the “beautiful scene” was one I took with my phone of the clock at 12:12. I thought that it being 12:12 on 12/12/12 was beautiful. Or something. And then I accidentally deleted it. I guess I could have taken one of a clock at 12:12 today and just said that I took it yesterday, but that’s totally cheating. When I started this challenge, I vowed (?) to only blog using pictures that I had taken that day.

mr t shirt

That being said, I took this like 2 weeks ago. Wait, what? I mean I took it today. Obviously. Today’s picture was of family, so here’s a picture of Corrupted Brother’s shirt. I tried to stealthily take a picture of him, but the second he saw the camera he proceeded to make hideous faces and run around. Hence it’s a bit blurry. But it’s ok because the other day I asked him what shirt he wanted to wear, he replied, “I want to wear my I Pity the Fool shirt.”

I have trained him well.


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