It’s Christian Bale’s birthday! Also, for some reason Pandora thinks that Nickelback is music. Huh.

To quote Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, everybody knows what, what, I’m talking ’bout, everybody gets that way.” I’m definitely having one of those days. Also, apparently Miley and Hannah are both the same person. Honestly I couldn’t tell their identical faces and voices apart, but luckily I wasn’t alone because it took everyone on the show 4 seasons to figure it out too. I feel much better about myself.

Anyway, I’ve been a grump for the past few days. I totally lost it today when I was listening to my The Offspring station on Pandora when Nickelback decided to come on. I politely tried to skip the song, but I was out of skips for the day. THE DAY. And it was If Everyone Cared. How did Pandora know that of all of their songs, that’s the one I honestly can’t stand? I was so mad. So I decided to bake cupcakes.

chocolate cupcakes

If any of you are feeling pretty down too, I leave you with these three things:

1. This old post of mine.

2. This video which the lovely Marie showed me.

3. Christian Bale turned 39 today. How can someone possibly be sad on Batman’s birthday? Happy birthday, dude. You are definitely not as attractive now as you were in Newsies. Thanks…

8 thoughts on “It’s Christian Bale’s birthday! Also, for some reason Pandora thinks that Nickelback is music. Huh.

  1. I like Nickelback….and I like If Everyone Cared. It actually has a decent message to get across. Like, what kind of messages does that boy band have to get across? Um, “You don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful”?!?!?! That doesn’t even make sense. See, if the fact she doesn’t know she’s beautiful is what makes her beautiful, now that they’ve told her she’s beautiful, she knows she’s beautiful, and that makes her not beautiful anymore, because she knows she is beautiful now. Get it?

    Could I use the word beautiful any more in this comment? I think not.

    Also, there is no mention about love in the music. What do they say? “If only you could see what I could see, you’d understand why I want you so desperately.” Yes, so they ‘want’ her. So if she did one-night stands, they would ‘take’ her and drop her once she has sated their appetite(s)?

    Sorry, I’m ranting now. I just…dislike modern music. Also, how did I end up criticizing boy bands when I started off saying I like Nickelback? Clearly I have an issue with focus.

    Lastly, these are all my opinions. I will certainly not hate anybody who goes against them.

    • *sigh* Ok, I forgive you for liking Nickelback just this once because I like your comments. Let’s even things out. I have almost all the words memorized to One Direction’s songs. In my defense, my younger sister got their album for Christmas and it’s pretty much been on repeat here.

      I dislike most modern music. I always feel like I should have been born in the 1940s because I love the jazz and clothes from that era so much… I’m definitely not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, or Justin Bieber, but I do like some pop singers like Demi Lovato and the band Honor Society. Honor Society is actually my favorite band and they’re a bit boy band-ish. (look them up. *hint hint*) But I definitely agree with everything you said. Except for the whole Nickelback thing. I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that. ;)

      • Do you want to know what song is seriously annoying when it’s put on repeat? Peter Weatherall’s periodic table song. My science teacher put it on repeat for eighty minutes and everybody is singing it under their breath(s?). There is only so much of one song I can take…

        I always feel I should have been born in the 1990s because I love their music. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll check out Honour Society if you check out Evanescence, cause that band is awesome. Deal? DEAL!!!

        • Whoops, too late. I already love Evanescence and have since pretty much forever (which is impressive since I’m only 17…). Can I join the cool club now?

          Have you heard Daniel Radcliffe sing the periodic table song? It’s the most awkward and wonderful thing I’ve heard in my entire life.

          • Yes, join the club of loving bands nobody else has heard about. I really need another member, since none of my friends have ever heard about any of the bands I love. And now I feel slightly stupid for recommending a band to you that you already like. How about Midnight Oil? They were a big hit in the 1990s (in Australia though, so I doubt you’ve heard of them). However, Beds Are Burning was a hit in America. Have you heard of them?

            Yes! My science teacher is a nutter for going on youtube and finding awkward science videos. So yes, I have seen Daniel Radcliffe sing the periodic table song. My whole class cracked up.

            I’ve found a new band to go nuts about! Thanks for introducing me to Honor Society!

          • It’s a wonderful club and I’m honored to be a part of it. Hm, no I haven’t heard of either of them. I’ll look them up.

            Hey, no problem! Although Honor Society recently kicked their keyboardist out of the band, so I’m a bit ticked at them at the moment…

          • Yes,I’m honored to have you as a member in my ‘club’. Generally, all I do is listen to songs and bands from the 1900s and get sad when nobody besides my parents can talk with me about them. Wow, I sound like I really need to get a life. Whoopsiedaisies. Hey, it’s my life!

            Oh well, It is annoying when groups kick out a member, or even if a member quits. I remember I got pretty angry when that Wiggles guy, Sam Somethingorother, retired. Of course, I got even madder when he unretired and kicked his replacement out of the group. That was just mean. Not cool.

            I mean…I don’t know the Wiggles are. At all. Who? No, I don’t know who you’re talking about.

            ANYWAY, getting off track here. I’ll just shut up before I start rambling about something random like cutlery.

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