I went to a bacon festival today. Need I say more?

I know what you’re thinking (especially you Katy). THERE’S A BACON FESTIVAL? Absolutely. Only in America do we have an entire shebang dedicated to that wonderful heart disease-inducing deliciousness. ‘Murica.


In my blogging absence, I have found myself another human being who is willing to room with me for at least my first year of college. This is Emily and she’s pretty cool. We met on the Facebook page for my college, and within less than a day of talking, we decided to room together. I was beyond happy at how easy everything worked out. As much as I would have liked to have just gotten a random roommate, knowing me, I would have gotten a total psycho and then had to find a way to ask her to leave. It wouldn’t be pretty. Luckily, she’s exactly like me and just as awkward. She kind of runs like a penguin.

bacon fest st louis

We went to the bacon festival today and it was quite wonderful. Incredibly packed, but wonderful. There was a 100 pound log of bacon that was being cooked all day. I guess it was going to be served tonight and we weren’t willing to wait around for it because we had places to go and people to see. Also known as she had to go to her horrible minimum-wage job at the McDonald’s drive thru from 7 to midnight and I had to go dye Easter eggs with my family. The bacon log was 50 feet long and it was made up of various pork products wrapped in bacon. How does that not sound delicious?

arch made of bacon

(Side note: What you’re looking at above is downtown made out of bacon with a dead pig in front of it and a guy in the background with a classy mohawk and pony tail. Just wanted to clarify) On the way from the parking lot to the event, we were at a stop light waiting to cross when a woman comes up to me, gets in my face and exclaims “OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE YOUR SHOES.” I was wearing a pair of Beatles Converses that my aunt got me. In her defense, they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, but even I wasn’t as excited as she was when I first got them. I then had to explain to the woman that I got the shoes off of Etsy… and then I had to explain what Etsy was while we were crossing the street. Luckily I was able to shake her off, because she was seriously creeping me out and wouldn’t stop talking. While we were waiting in line for something bacon-related (the lines were so long we couldn’t see the booths and had no clue what we were in line to eat), I heard this older couple behind us. The woman said “Hey, she has the Beatles on her shoes. But I can only see two of the guys.” and then man went “I see that. I’m going to go around to see if the other two are on her other shoe.” Then he nonchalantly walked around, looked at my shoe, and nodded to her. Moral of the story is always wear Converses. No one checked out the Livestrong Nike shoes Emily’s friend Wyatt was wearing. After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, we finally were able to see the sign that said we were going to either buy bacon covered shrimp on a stick for $2 or deep fried crab and bacon with green chilies and grits for $5. Of course we opted for the crab. It was quite possibly the most delicious thing I’ve had in a while, and I eat my cooking all the time. I didn’t even know it was possible to top the biscuits I totally burned the other day.

deep fried crab with bacon and green chilies

Comic Con is also downtown this weekend so we got to see a few Comic Con people. Oh my word. Where do these people come from. I didn’t know the Joker enjoyed bacon. Stan Lee was there and apparently it cost $400 just to meet him. I – being the incredibly naive non-dork that I am – had no idea who this guy was. I asked my dad if he had ever heard of him and he basically grounded me for life for not knowing about the creator of the most amazing comics ever. Okay, he didn’t. But I know he was thinking it. Emily wanted to go to Comic Con with me, but tickets were $50 just to get in and we actually only wanted to go to meet Tom Felton. I have no idea how the bad guy from Harry Potter is in any way affiliated with comic books. I’m guessing he’s out of work. But when you really weigh it, five bucks spent on delicious bacon and crab definitely trumps at least fifty bucks just to gawk at a 20-something British guy who’s already balding. We chose the bacon, because it’s okay to gnaw on it, but we might get arrested for gnawing on Mr. Felton.

crowded downton st louis...

Emily is going to try to be a vegetarian in college and I offered to attempt to try with her, but after today, there’s absolutely no way I’ll make it. Speaking of college, we met up with a group of girls yesterday who are also going to the college we are. It was so awkward. We knew it would be, but we were just so different from every other girl there. When we were going around saying our favorite movies, almost everyone said super girly movies, and Emily goes “Pulp Fiction.” It got rrreeeaaallllyyy quiet and some girls were doing their best to be like heehee that’s… cool… She was really going for shock value with everything she said, and it definitely worked. As nice as the girls were, I doubt we’d actually be friends with any of them. They are cheerleaders, Emily plays the ukulele and, well, runs like a penguin. Sort of different.

Also, I really, really love bacon. Today was a good day.

3 thoughts on “I went to a bacon festival today. Need I say more?

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous of you. Here in Qatar, bacon (or any kind of pork) is banned. Now I’m craving bacon. CRAVING, I SAY *whimpers*.

    Your roommate is creepy. Why? Her name is Emily, my name is Emily. She wears glasses, I wear glasses. She plays an instrument, I play an instrument. We even look alike. She must be my long-lost sister. There is no other explanation.

    Nobody has ever checked out my shoes before. I even had these amazing shoes with an undersea scene on them. There was even a shipwreck on the left side of the right shoe. Now that I think about it, is it unhealthy that I remember my shoes from second grade? But I now I think about it, I’m kind of glad nobody noticed my shoes. I would be extremely creeped out if someone checked out my shoes like that.

    Ehem…I don’t know what Pulp Fiction is. Is that a crime? In my defence, I don’t know many movies, even modern ones. I prefer books to movies. :)

    • I’ll have some bacon for you. Om nom nom.

      Hahaha that’s awesome. Actually, she looks a lot like me too. Our glasses are really similar. MAYBE WE’RE LONG LOST TRIPLETS?!

      I’m sorry. Your shoes sound amazing. And, no worries, I remember completely useless things like that too. Middle name of a person in an art class I took in 5th grade? Check. What I had for breakfast? Ummm…?

      Oh, books definitely trump most movies. I’m currently reading The Scarlet Letter and Cancer Ward, although I’ve been on Cancer Ward for like a year now. It’s such a long book, but if you’ve got a billion hours to spare, I recommend it ;)

      • Yes, long-lost sisters sounds good. Hey everyone, I have an awesome couple of sisters in ‘Merica.

        Oh, my shoes were amazing. A pity I had them in second grade…

        Actually, I have a fetish for middle names. I know the middle names of people who I’m pretty sure don’t know who I am. Is that creepy? Actually, don’t answer that.

        I’ve heard of Cancer Ward but I’ve never read it…I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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