My name is Picco, and I am a survivor of my first week of college

There are people literally running into the walls outside my door. It’s like they’re playing hall ball out there, but instead of throwing around a football they’re using their bodies. Is this what college is like? Because this is downright weird. That being said, I’ve made it through my first seven days of college. Commence wild applause. I kept typing applesauce when I was just trying to type applause. I think I need to post this and go to sleep for all of our sake.

5th floor of college dorm

I moved in last Saturday, and I got stuck on the 5th floor of my dorm. Don’t even get me started. I – and the rest of my floor – have found that it’s best to just run straight up all 71 stairs without stopping so that you only feel the burn at the top. This past week has honestly been a blur. We’ve had freshman week which is basically three hours of classes pertaining to our major each day and the rest of the day is filled with ice breakers and group activities that no one really wants to go to. Yesterday was the first official day of class and we were all beyond ready for it. My freshman week class for nursing involved us reading a chapter of Peter Pan and begin making a movie relating freshman week to the chapter. Because that totally makes sense?

how to study for college students

I’ve found the best way to study is to camp out in a friend’s room and eat all her Frosted Flakes. Or today I spent three hours studying in the library with a girl who is in all of my classes and we basically got all of our homework done for the weekend. I kinda was more productive sans sugary cereal, but I’ve heard it both ways.


Yesterday I had a nursing class and biology, and today I had psych. So far all of my professors are incredibly nice and have said that we don’t have to bring our books to class (THANK GOODNESS. MY BIOLOGY BOOK HAS LEAD-COVERED BRICKS FOR PAPER. Lead’s heavy, right?). A majority of the people on my floor are all the fraternity/sorority type. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but anyone who knows me can tell you that’s not really how I work. No, but seriously. I would never be allowed in a sorority nor would I want to join one. I can’t imagine paying the $35 fee just to rush since I died a little on the inside dropping $15 on a flash drive today. I think I’ve talked to all 38 people in my nursing class and I’ve already gotten to know two of them really well. I have plenty of random friends all over the place here, so I’m not too deprived in the social department here, which is good. Quite the transition from homeschool…

skipping stones by the lake

I just wanted to check in with all of you and let you know that college is going well.


And apparently there are machines in the bathrooms here that give you the option to place bacon in your hands or directly onto your face.

College girl blogging in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to pack for college SINCE YOU’RE LEAVING TOMORROW.

My 18th birthday was August 4th, my graduation and birthday parties are long gone, and now I’m sitting here wondering how Corrupted Brother got my phone to play Candy Crush. Also, why is a 4 year old better at that game than I am? And why is he talking smack to himself? Why are we so weird.

But the craziest part of my life right now is the fact that I’m leaving tomorrow. For college. I’m rise and shining in the wee hours of the morning so I can make the long drive with my parents, Sister Celiac, and Spider Baby. I really haven’t cooked in a while, so I’ll just fill you in on what’s been going on the past few weeks.

tim lopez tom higgenson plain white t's concert

I’ve always had an imaginary bucket list that I’ve never written down and don’t actually add stuff to. I just say I have one to be a cool cat. Although I’m pretty sure calling myself a cool cat cancels out all coolness that I might possess. One thing that I wish was on my imaginary bucket list was to go to a Plain White T’s concert. I’ve always liked them, even though their songs are kinda stupid and they don’t have the best voices. They came to St. Louis back in July and I asked around to see if anyone wanted to go with me. I could only find two friends to go with because, uh, their songs are kinda stupid and they don’t have the best voices. The concert was fantastic. There were probably 50 people there at the most, it was very laid-back, and we got to meet the somewhat beautiful lead guitarist, Tim Lopez. I told him if he ever came back to St. Louis there was another concert venue here that I preferred to the one we were at right then. He seemed genuinely interested and introduced himself and said he’d try to remember me for the next time they came in town. Why is it that I am better at making friends with celebrities than with normal people? Remember when I met Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees and the guys from Honor Society and we totally became best friends? Messed up, yo.

joe kelly st louis cardinals

I got two Cardinals baseball tickets for my birthday, and it was probably one of my favorite presents. Of course I really appreciated all the money I got, but money can’t buy me love/baseball tickets, except for when it can (?). The friend I usually to baseball games with had to work that night, so I decided to ask a guy who I’m going to college with instead. Aren’t guys supposed to know all about sports? Because he was clueless. He was referring to the runs as “points,” and had no idea who any of the players were. I spent a majority of the game attempting to explain the rules to him and ignoring the drunk lady in front of us who kept offering to buy us booze for double the price. As if the night couldn’t get anymore wonderful, the tickets were right by the bullpen and my favorite pitcher was starting that night. Dear Joe Kelly, I know you’re getting married, but I’m single and ready to mingle if for some reason things with your fiancée don’t work out. Age is just a number, darling.

nursing hat napkin

I had two graduation parties, actually. One was a combination birthday/graduation party, and the other was a luncheon with some of my neighbors. Both were retro themed but very different, and I’m not sure which one I preferred. Although I might have liked the luncheon better because LOOK WHAT SHOWED UP.

1940 oldsmobile

The woman who was hosting the party arranged to have this pick me up and drive me around. It was a 1940’s Oldsmobile that hadn’t been refurbished. One of my favorite parts was the built-in ashtrays on the armrests. Why don’t those exist anymore? We had been driving for about five minutes when the car ran out of gas. It was pretty funny, and if anyone wants to get me a belated birthday present, I would gladly accept that car. I finally have my license now. I only had to sit in the DMV for almost three hours the other day to get it. Missouri DMVs. Don’t even get me started. My Italian mother and I both were about to karate chop people in the face the entire time. We need to work on that…

I’m going to wrap this up right now because I’m leaving the house in 18 hours and I’m nowhere near packed. So far the only things that are really packed up are my shoes.

converse collection

And yes, it is absolutely necessary to bring all of these. Mainly because I only have 4 pairs of non-Converse/Vans. Whoops? I’ll do my best to blog in a few days once I get settled in. Wish me luck.