Bruce Wayne enjoys long walks on the beach, saving the citizens of Gotham, and pancakes

Why my college decided to not provide dinner on Sunday nights is beyond me. They offer a speed brunch for like an hour and a half Sunday mornings which I haven’t been able to get because it happens while I’m at mass. But after that pathetic meal-wannabe, we’re left to fend for ourselves. The only food I have in my fridge is three bottles of water, a quart of milk, grapes, and a package of cinnamon rolls that I’m making Tuesday morning. I miss being able to go to the kitchen to eat without having to swipe in using a meal card that proudly displays quite possibly the worst picture of me ever. I’ve gone out to eat a few times and there’s a great incredibly sketchy diner close by that doesn’t have many windows but still has some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had.

diner pancakes

Although I’m not sure what time I should get there on Sunday morning.

i'm so confused...

This diner also housed Bruce Wayne who has obviously given up on the whole “secret identity” thing.


I decided to stay on campus for Labor Day weekend and there’s hardly anyone here. It’s fantastic. The normally packed lounge on my floor was completely empty last night and I hung out there with some friends and watched movies and ate sour patch kids for seven hours. And I might have run up and down the halls at midnight. Eh, I don’t remember.

empty dorm

Since it’s so quiet here I spent the afternoon lying on a bench in the quad doing chemistry and reading 1984. Someone came up to me and introduced himself as the founder of a program on campus that I’m trying to be vague about so you don’t find out where I go to college, you creepy person… Basically he takes pictures of students and puts them on the project’s Facebook page to show the diversity of the campus. He took my picture and we talked about Brave New World and dystopian books for a while. Aside from the fact that I’m starving, today’s been a pretty good day.

homework in the quad

I know people whose dorm doesn’t have any air conditioning and even their stuffed animals are feeling it. Luckily it was pretty cool here today. It got up to 103 a few days ago.

no air condition in dorm room

Oh hey, I went to my first frat party. The verdict? Incredibly overrated. I went with a group of friends to a frat house close to campus and it was dark and hot and full of trashed people (which I guess goes along with the whole frat party idea). We left and went to a bar which you apparently only had to be 18 to get into. Or I was breaking the law by going in. But then again, I am from St. Louis and we all live on the edge there. When I was younger I referred to the area I live in as Stabbyville. Who wants to come visit me?! Anyway, back to the party. It wasn’t much better than the other one. None of us drink and I think you have to in order to pretend like those parties are enjoyable. We stayed out until 2ish and then were officially bored so we went to a gyro place and got food, then came back and did laundry. I think everyone needs to go to college just so you can do stuff like that.

The extent of my cooking lately has been these bad boys.

easy mac

They’re 90 cents and almost filling. A guy in the room next to me apparently cooks dinner on Sunday nights for my floor. I’ll offer to help him next Sunday so I can get back in the swing of cooking. I was going to eat dinner with him last Sunday, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a presenter at the VMAs. JGL>socialization. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to Walmart for some more Easy Mac, diet Dr Pepper, fruit, and air freshener because I’ve been told by multiple people that my room smells like a dentist’s office.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Wayne enjoys long walks on the beach, saving the citizens of Gotham, and pancakes

  1. No dinner Sunday nights? That’s annoying, if you’re kind of relying on being fed. My college only serves lunch. It’s just a pre-packaged refrigerated meal thing. Never tried to buy it because it’s probably overpriced.

    So how do meal cards work?

    Ha ha, that sign had me confused for a few moments! I think when they say “24 hours” they mean that any time that day it’s open as long as it’s after the opening time or before the closing time. So on Sunday morning you can come at midnight. That made more sense before I wrote it.

    • My meal card is just my student ID, which I guess is good and bad since everything’s all in one place. But it is annoying when people lose their IDs and I have to swipe them in. That’s the true test of friendship. At the beginning of the semester everyone buys a meal plan that has so many meals plus dollars to use in the cafe in the library and the nicer cafeteria (compared to the dining halls) in the student union building. My meal plan has more money on it because the cafeteria is the better of two evils. Anyway, we have to swipe our card before we go into the dining hall, regardless of if we’re actually eating or just sitting with someone who is. So that’s annoying.

      • How fancy. There’s no card-swiping in my school; the student ID is mostly to show to the guard at school and the guard at the dorm before you’re allowed inside.

        Also, the food situation is totally different by us. We’re provided with a full kitchen–stove, oven, and microwave–and are generally expected to make our own meals.

        But they do serve us free food at most of their events. That’s usually once or even twice a week. Other than that, like I said, there’s just those refrigerated packaged lunches that they sell.

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