A picture is worth a thousand words. Also known as I’m too lazy to write today.


My current view from the library.


A pipe burst this afternoon in the main lounge of my dorm. I was sitting right there for a good six hours yesterday. I could have been doused in water and melted like the wicked witch of the west. Talk about a bad day.


For our final for the nursing class we had to write a paragraph describing a nurse. That’s it. Everyone in the class has an A and the professor also gave us cookies. The guy holding that has diabetes and it worries me whenever he eats food because when he took his blood sugar today it was 212. Hey, I was just curious and he’s right there. I had to look. He’s also one of three guys in the class, which I think is really cool.


People are very excited about the snow here. I took this on my way to church Sunday. It’s still pretty snowy here and the snow isn’t too muddy and disgusting yet.


A few nights ago I obviously was at the library too late because I was one of maybe 5 people left there. I’m trying to show you as many pictures as possible from the library to make it seem like I study a lot. Is it working?


This is one of my best guys friends here. I was going to the cafe and he wanted to come too wearing that. Before we left he said hold on, I need to change. His idea of changing is putting on that jacket. I swear he’s usually much cooler than this… sort of?


“Mostly sunny” reminds me of “mostly dead” which is how most of us feel all the time. This is from a few days ago and it didn’t even get up to 36 today. The wind chill last night was 0.


There are so many Amish people here. I don’t even know why.

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