No Sleep Til Brooklyn {day 1&2}

My college is on spring break this week and rather than staying in St. Louis for it, I decided to spend my break splitting my time between my dad’s brother with his family in Brooklyn and my mom’s two sisters in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I’ve been here for less than twenty four hours and I already don’t want to leave.






Lamb burger for dinner last night. I can never go back to boring food ever again.




The new World Trade Center building.





I was incredibly upset to see that I couldn’t take my midday nap in a cemetery. Except… not.








I went here for lunch today with my aunt. We think the name of it was TriBeCa, but there was no name on the outside or on the menu.



It was super small too. Only seven tables and it was basically a hole in a wall. I felt so hipster.



Pretty sure this was straight lemon juice, but it was so good. Every sip had to be chased with water, but it was worth it.


IMG_4950On the subway back, we were serenaded by this man. I literally love everything about this city.

2 thoughts on “No Sleep Til Brooklyn {day 1&2}

  1. Okay, we’re total opposites in this sense. I’m not much of a New York fan. I think of it as a dirty city with stretches of grass few and far between and no naturally-growing trees (just the implanted ones). I guess it’s because I grew up in the suburbs, where there’s nature all around, and if I go outside at 11:00 pm it’s deserted because the town has retired for the night. I like the peace and quiet! In Manhattan, there are always people about, and a lot of them are creepy homeless people or weirdos who look at you too long for comfort.

    Also, I don’t swear and dislike hearing swearing, and you inevitably hear it when you’re in the city surrounded by all sorts of people. I also very much dislike inhaling cigarette smoke which is also unavoidable.

    Now, there are definitely benefits to city life, like not actually having to drive anywhere because the essentials (grocery stores, library . . . that’s pretty much it) are within walking distance, and if not there’s always the subway. But in general, I’d much prefer my hometown. The city may be convenient, but I find quality of life is better for me in suburban areas. ;)

    But I’m glad YOU enjoy New York!

  2. I am soooo jealous!!! Enjoy every minute. Will you be home for Easter? Let me know if you get my comments. I usually comment, not sure you get them.

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