Goodbye, summer job. Hello, sophomore year.

The nightmares I had last semester were of me hitting this guy in my health class in the face with a dodge ball. Repeatedly. I think I talked to that kid once and that was only when I said out loud to myself that I was the least athletic person on the planet and he heard me and agreed. So then I friended him on Facebook, because, you know, that’s the logical thing to do. The nightmares I had over the summer were of accidentally putting a high chair at the end of a 6-top, because we weren’t allowed to since they get in the way of the food runners. Laugh all you want, but I’ve woken up in the middle of the night after dreaming about a server yelling at me for putting people at table that was too small for them or that I double sat them. I think that last sentence is proof I need to get out more.

I worked as a host at a restaurant over the summer. It was my first “real” job and I’ve never hated and loved the general public more in my entire life. I loved the days when I got to talk to people while we were on a wait or give food recommendations if I was taking their to-go order over the phone. Unfortunately, there weren’t many days like that. Did you know that some adults don’t know about the concept of tax? Some woman threatened me about lying to her about the price of an appetizer and declared she wouldn’t pay for her takeout order because instead of it being $5 like it was on the menu, the total ended up being $5.51. Also, sometimes bosses can be worse than the customers. That’s never fun, because to customers I can say “Ma’am, we’re currently on a wait and if you don’t like the table I gave you, you’ll have to be put back on the list until another table opens up.” but to managers I can’t say “Hey, you’re kind treating me like total crud right now so stop it.” without worrying about losing my job. I learned a lot this summer, got over my fear of talking on the phone since it inevitably rang at least once every ten minutes, and was able to talk to a lot of great (and not so great) people. As much as I enjoyed the job, it’s nice to be back at school.

I came back a few days early so I could spend time with girls who moved off campus before classes start this week. Almost all of them are in sororities, and none of them are allowed to talk to non-sorority girls because they might somehow persuade us to join their sorority (?) and they’ll get in trouble. They can take one look at my bank account and see I can’t afford it. Also, I’m about as un-sorority-girl as it gets. So I can’t see most of the people I came up a week early to be with. Luckily my roommate isn’t affiliated so she and I have gotten to spend a lot of time together. Also, another reason why I came back early was to enjoy freshmen move in day. Was I that hopelessly confused last year? Did I really look that nerdy carrying around my folder with all of my freshmen week info in it? Did I just go to Walmart and accidentally buy air freshener refills instead of actual air freshener? The answer is yes to all of those. We currently have a Glades plug-in refill in our air conditioning vent in hopes that we can somehow get the room to smell like Hawaiian breeze. Basically my life since I came back on Friday has consisted of organizing our room, being the sober, responsible one at a party with two of my friends on Saturday night (I saved both of them from being hit by a car and they don’t even remember…), making a chocolate cake with the only utensils being a 9×13 pan, a fork, and a tablespoon, and being asked “So,what’s your major? Are you a freshman?” by everyone here. Also, my wonderful roommate who doubles as one of my best friends has woken me up every morning with some random request. Sunday morning it was let’s make a chocolate cake! and this morning it was let’s get some fish! So I guess I’ll be spending my hard-earned money on some fish. Maybe I’ll be able to keep this one alive for more than 12 days like the last one. Updates to follow.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn {day 1&2}

My college is on spring break this week and rather than staying in St. Louis for it, I decided to spend my break splitting my time between my dad’s brother with his family in Brooklyn and my mom’s two sisters in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I’ve been here for less than twenty four hours and I already don’t want to leave.






Lamb burger for dinner last night. I can never go back to boring food ever again.




The new World Trade Center building.





I was incredibly upset to see that I couldn’t take my midday nap in a cemetery. Except… not.








I went here for lunch today with my aunt. We think the name of it was TriBeCa, but there was no name on the outside or on the menu.



It was super small too. Only seven tables and it was basically a hole in a wall. I felt so hipster.



Pretty sure this was straight lemon juice, but it was so good. Every sip had to be chased with water, but it was worth it.


IMG_4950On the subway back, we were serenaded by this man. I literally love everything about this city.

Interviews, anatomy, and search engines

You know what I love? A roommate who offhandedly mentions “Oh, by the way. I have a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies that I’m not going to eat so you can have them.” I think I’ll keep her around. I also really love good days, of which I am having right now. I am also having a Thin Mint and getting sad that these cookies are only sold what feels like once every decade.

I just finished up an interview to be a student ambassador at my school, which means I would be a tour guide and an overnight host to high school students. This is a job I’ve wanted to have the moment my first tour started back in the day (like a year and a half ago). I literally applied the second I saw a flier for it on campus. I don’t know why this is my weird dream job, but it is. Also, they’re doing emergency hiring for the spring semester, and if I get the position, I’d get $50. Cha ching. That’s like half of a text book, but hey, that’s one less half I have to buy.

I’ve never been interviewed before because I’ve never had a “real” job. My main job in high school was babysitting for friends of the family, so that doesn’t really count. I walked into the interview and was introduced to the two interviewers (one was a student ambassador and I think one was the president of the ambassadors. I got to deal with the head honcho. I was a little freaked out). I had no idea what questions to expect, and the interview started off by the president saying “So, our first question isn’t really a question. It’s more of a command. Tell us a story.” It was at that very moment my life suddenly flashed before my eyes and I realized I didn’t even know who I was. But I wasn’t thinking that. My only thought was “…crap. Wait. Blog.” So I started talking somewhat coherently about my blog, and not only did they both know what Celiac disease was, but one of them had a friend who had it. The wave of relief I felt then was probably similar to jumping out of an airplane and realizing that your parachute does in fact open. That’s the only comparison I can think of. Sorry it doesn’t really make sense.

The rest of the interview went pretty well. They gave me the name of one of the buildings on campus and I had to tell them about it as if they were visitors. Luckily I got the science building, and I was in there for 10 hours a week last semester and 6 hours now. I owned that question. I don’t remember any of the other questions because I was focused on sounding intelligent, which is very hard when you just woke up from a nap like I did prior to the interview. Still not sure how good of an idea that was.

Oh and about the anatomy test and search engine thing. I got my second 100% on an anatomy quiz the other day and I’m really proud of myself. I just wanted to share that because that class is kicking my butt and it’s a big accomplishment for me. And as for search engines, someone found my blog today by googling “my boyfriend called me pudgy.” I’m concerned on many, many levels.

How the West (or poker game…) Was Won

Once upon a time, I learned how to play Texas Holdem. And by once upon a time I mean like three days ago. My dad’s brothers and their families have been in town this week and we’ve been playing cards every night. Last night we played for money. I wish this story would end with me winning the money and riding off into the sunset on my noble steed to go buy white high tops because that’s one of the few pairs of Converse I don’t own. You can never have enough Converse. I would know because I may or may not have 14 pairs.

Unfortunately that’s not quite how the story goes. Everyone was out of the game and it was just down to my mom and yours truly. Thank goodness neither of us are very competitive. Hahahahahahahaha. Right. I think she was on the verge of disinheriting me a few times and might have threatened to kick me out of the house. I smiled politely/sinisterly and proceeded to win.

pokerThe game dragged on until almost 1am, but I finally won. I held the money in my hands for a glorious seven seconds until my mom snatched it from me and reminded me that I owed her 100 bucks. Fifty for the money I got when I sold my biology textbook back and fifty that I was charged by my school because I didn’t have my room ready for a new roommate to move in because my original roommate left me months ago. But that’s another story.

Merry Christmas from the Italiana family

My siblings Sister Celiac, Future Chef, Evil Scientist, Brute, Corrupted Brother, and Spiderbaby, my parents, and I (Jeez, there are a lot of us…) just wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas. We hope your day is filled with much happiness and food and love and food and food.

Also, Evil Scientist wanted me to tell you all that -40 degrees is the same in fahrenheit and celsius. And the part of your eye that allows you to see in 3D can see 1/10 of a second into the future. This kid is 9 and he’s already plotting to take over the world. Watch out.