Mid-week Crisis: A post about amazing college visits and the fact that I apparently don’t know my opposites.

1. At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Didn’t think that I could…uhhh…pass midterms. I’m pretty sure that’s how the song goes. Right? I had midterms last week and was absolutely drained studying/cramming for them. Now that I’m not stressed out anymore, I’ll be back to cooking for sure. For the history midterm I memorized 127 note cards worth of information on the War of 1812 and the French and Indian War. Test me on anything. Battle of Long Island? Got it. Burr vs. Hamilton? In the bag. How to spell broccoli? *silence* I have such a hard time with that word.

2. I visited a college this past weekend and I loved it. LOVED. It’s my top choice and after visiting there’s no reason to look at any other ones since it’s exactly what I want. I’m a bit of a free spirit and really have a hard time fitting in anywhere, but everyone there is exactly like I am. Of course there were were a few jocks and icky girls, but a majority of them were, well, geeks. My tour guide said that he rides his unicycle across campus. Ok maybe I’m not that weird, but he’s definitely someone I’d be friends with. You have no idea how happy I was to finally be in a place where I just felt normal. If I don’t get accepted I’m going to curl up into a ball and die. Also known as I’m going to go eat all the Halloween candy we got this year. It’s so nice having my family be one of the 3 families with kids in the neighborhood. I’m sending in my college application by Friday and hopefully the application to the nursing school by next week. Wish me luck, guys.

3. I think I need to buy this shirt. And by think I mean need. I need I need to buy this shirt? Well, that’s almost correct grammar.

4. My best friend is having surgery on Friday. She and I have hands-down the weirdest friendship ever (there’s a lot of talking and then not talking for a year and then doing that all over again until we’re finally friends again), but I love her to pieces. From what she’s told me, the surgery she’s having is pretty dangerous and she’ll be in the hospital for a while. Most of the support she’s getting involves people telling her how dangerous it is or how their cousin’s friend died while having a similar surgery. Because of that, I invited her over for a You’re Not Going to Die party. We made cookie dough and wrote letters to the baseball players David Freese and Joe Kelly. I threatened Joe that I’d slap him upside the head with a dead fish if he said he was a Cubs fan. And we wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend… Ignore that bowl with the crumbs. We inhaled the toasted raviolis that were in it and I was too lazy to take it out of the picture. Anyway, If you could all pray for her or send her good thoughts, that would be fantastic. How exactly does one go about sending good thoughts? Do you go “leprechaunssunshinedaisiesheathledger75%offcouponswarmchocolatechipcookies ok, I’m done. Those were some good thoughts.”? Just wondering.

5. Last week I invited a friend that I never see *coughMARIEcough* over so we could make Halloween food. I took pictures with my mom’s camera, but I’m too lazy to upload them right now. It’s the middle of the week, people. I’ll do it tomorrow. But here’s a picture from my phone of the cakeball eyeballs I made. I made these last year too, but these turned out much better this time, aside from the fact that they’re a bit wonky looking in this picture. That red icing was a huge mess and your fingers were absolutely covered with it by the time you had your 4th one. Not that I know anything about that…

6. Fringe season 3 finale. Can we just talk about this for a moment? All of you need to start watching it so we can have like a Fringe club meaning. Kind of like a book club, but more Fringe-y and less booky. So Peter never existed. And Olivia dies, but not yet, because Peter just saw her die when he got electrocuted by that machine and went 20 years into the future. Then he came back proclaimed “I have seen doomsday!” and then just disappears and everyone’s totally cool with it. Or maybe they just ignored him like you ignore a 9 year old telling a pointless story that won’t end. Hey, I have 6 siblings. I’m allowed to make fun of kids.

7. If you’re anything like me, you still struggle with learning your opposites. Luckily Sesame Street has a helpful video to watch. You’re welcome.

Mid-week Crisis: In which I get my 8th pair of converses. I’m not obsessed.

1. Tonight at dinner we somehow got on the subject of mercury in fish. Evil Scientist brother casually interrupted the conversation and said, “Hey, mercury’s atomic number is 80.”  We were all like heh heh…I hope you’re joking… he then got out the table of elements (because all homeschoolers keep the periodic table handy, obviously…) and showed us that he was correct. How am I related to these people?

2. Months ago my aunt was going to get me a pair of Union Jack converses, but that fell through and I forgot about them. Then for my birthday she showed me a picture of two different pairs of Beatles converses I could choose from. I picked one out and, again, forgot about them. I think I have memory issues. She came over today and BOOM look what I have.

3. Kait and I were brainstorming ideas for my senior quote. I think we finally decided on “Vote for Pedro,” but these were some other options.

4. Speaking of Kait, she mailed me 12 bags of tea when I was sick last week. She is quite lovely, if I may say so.

5. I started a Heath Ledger board on my pinterest thinking it would help bring me closure. Nope. Only makes things worse. And the fact that I have a picture of him as my background on my laptop doesn’t help either.

6. I’m starting college essays. The prompt for one of the colleges I’m applying to is to either write about a topic important to me (food) or a journey (having a blog and teaching myself how to cook…so I could make food). I’m going with option number two. I’ll keep you guys updated.

7. I’m not sure if I’ve told you all about my siblings, so drumroll please. I’m the oldest. Muahhahahaha. I have three brothers – Future Chef, Evil Scientist, and Corrupted Brother – and two sisters. One is Sister Celiac and I’ve decided to name my youngest sister Brute. She’s surrounded by brothers and she is one tough cookie, to say the least. She can pick up Sister Celiac who is 7 years older than she is. Yeah, scary. This is a picture that she drew and taped to the wall.

Again, scary.

8. Is anyone else completely excited to see Looper in two days? Although I’m a bit hesitant to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt look like Bruce Willis. I mean, I’m sure he’s still attractive and stuff…but…I’ll have to actually pay attention to the storyline instead of just staring at him. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this.

9. I dropped fifty bucks on a Fringe hoodie. So worth it? I think yes.

Mid-week Crisis: Cool story, Skandar.

1. Remember Skandar Keynes? I used to talk about him…ummm…all the time. Luckily I switched over to talking about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and have succeeded in making you all insane because of it. Sorry? Anyway, he turned 21 today. Happy birthday, my dear slightly-unattractive-but-totally-amazing-future-husband. I’m so glad that you’re an awful actor and no one knows about you. That means I can have you all to myself. MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think I have issues.

2. Last week I went out to lunch with my friend Katie. She makes me laugh and we share a mutual love of food. Win. Also, I didn’t eat any of my pizza crusts, and I’m sure the waitress thought I was crazy when she took away my plate with 6 of them.

3. This post made me a little sniffily…

4. Fringe season 2, disk 2. Coming to a mailbox near you. Also known as my mailbox today. I love Netflix.

5. This pin sums up my general you’re-really-annoying-me attitude as of late. I think I need an attitude adjustment. Also, I own this pin, so don’t bother me or it may end up pinned to your face. Fair warning.

6. I’m not sure about you, but the song Call Me Maybe gets stuck in my head all the time. I think that song is actually brainwashing us. That being said, I found a Batman parody of it that is, um, amazing.

7. Whatever you do, do NOT look at How Sweet It Is’ food board on Pinterest. It makes me sad every time I look at it because none of the food is in my belly. I think someone needs to invent a machine that can convert pictures of food into actual food. Yeah, best idea ever. You’re welcome.

Mid-week Crisis: The portrait of Picco Grey

1. Is anyone else super excited that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in Premium Rush which is out now as well as Looper which is out in a month? I wanted to see the hour and half Joe Show/Premium Rush last weekend with Marie since EMILY HAD TO LEAVE AND GO GET EDUCATED AT COLLEGE, but she had to work. The three amigos broke up. Although I don’t think we ever actually called ourselves that. Now we do?

2. I watched the entire first season of Fringe in a week. And I may or may not be getting the first disk of season 2 from Netflix today. My parents won’t let me buy the second season. I’m not sure why, since I know I’d be totally productive and would only watch one episode a day. Ha, not.

3. The wall of Picco has expanded. See my awesome New York poster? I also have glow in the dark stars. Are there any other 17 year olds that have those too…?

Also, my friend drew this picture of me.

At first my nose was huge and even her mom was like ugh, fix that now. In case you were wondering, this doesn’t even look like me at all. The hair is right, but I have Joseph Gordon-Levitt eyes. I promise I won’t mention him again in this post.

4. I love Glozell.

5. I used to think it was lame that people would find friends over the internet. Well, it’s still a bit lame…but thanks to this blog I now have the coolest friends…that I’ll probably not meet for a long time. The coolest ones are definitely Tia, Kait, and Mara (because she’s adorable and is getting married to Hunky McGorgeous).  I’m actually talking to Kait over Gmail chat right now and all I’m trying to do is finish up this stupid post. Stop distracting me. Jeez.

6. The other day I decided that I was youthful and that it would be a good idea to do the monkey bars and flip-overs on a bar at the park close by. That might go down in history as the worst idea ever, after promising to not talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this post. I aggravated both sciatic nerves and I’m pretty much in a bit of pain. Although the other day I was told I complain too much, and now I’m self-concious about it…hmmm…anyway, I was reading online what to do when you have annoyed the most painful nerves in your entire body, and the intertron said to rest for a few days and then exercise. That was also the worst idea ever.  I ran two miles a few days ago and just accepted the fact that I was going to die. And then I ran again today. Dear internet, YOU LIE. Do you enjoy seeing me suffer? I hate you. Love, Picco.

7. Tomorrow I’m going to hang out with a girl who was my best friend for years. We kind of drifted apart/got in a huge fight and I haven’t talked to her in a year and have only seen her twice in 2 years… but we’ve been talking lately and decided to get together. We’ll see how things go, but I’m pretty much super excited. Although I can’t tell if I’m more excited because I’m going to see her or because we’re going to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

8. Don’t judge.