Midterm reflections. That sounded so poetic…

I’m back home for midterm break and I realize that you really miss a lot when you’re away at college. For example, apparently my mom has become obsessed with Duck Dynasty. How/when this happened I’ll never know. Spider Baby is learning how to walk, my brothers Future Chef and Evil Scientist are now taking piano lessons in addition to cello lessons (My parents stick us girls on violin and the boys on cello when we’re 4 or 5.  Too young for us to realize that cellos are cooler than violins…), and Corrupted Brother’s new joke is “What did the dog say to the tree?” BARK.” I’ve heard it at least three times a day since I got back on Wednesday night. At least he’s trying. It’s actually weird seeing how much Spider Baby has grown up the last two months. He was walking along the couch earlier today and I had a slight revelation that he is in fact a human being, just stuck in a tiny body.

Life so far has been good. I enjoy my classes for the most part and there hasn’t been too much friend drama. I’ve become much less sensitive since coming to college and my attitude when people don’t like me has changed from WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! to eh, that’s not my fault. I haven’t shown you people how well I can cook, so don’t come crawling back to me when I whip up some mad rum cake once I find someone who has a secret stash of rum in their closet. Joking. Well, joking about making the rum cake. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have to look far to find some hidden alcohol. I apologize to any homeschoolers I may be scandalizing right now. Oh, and by the way, the homeschool jokes never go away and I still get them on an almost daily basis.

I think I’ve finally found some stable groups of friends. Now that I’m not homeschooled and am in a place with thousands of people, it’s interesting to see what groups I gravitate towards. I’m friends with most of the guys and girls in my nursing class, some swimmers and tennis players who live on my floor, 6 different guys who skateboard to class (and there aren’t that many people who do skateboard. I think I’ve managed to befriend every single one of them), a guy who makes his own clothes and is the most hipster person I’ve ever met, and a bunch of random people who sit in the back of my chemistry lecture with me so we can pass notes. No texting, because passing notes is much more fun. Also that class is so boring it makes me sad that I’m paying tuition for it.

My only complaint so far is the food. You have no idea how tempted I am to go get arrested just so I can go to jail because I’m sure the food there is better. The food every morning for breakfast is exactly the same: dry biscuits, grey gravy with bits of sausage, scrambled eggs (sometimes they’re warm!), bacon or sausage, and squishy hash browns. Sometimes I look down at my plate and wish that I were colorblind, because then at least I could pretend that the amount of grey I see on my plate could be medically explained. But no. No fruit other than two sad bowls filled with apples and oranges that usually are under/over ripe. Lunch and dinner are occasionally good, but the only consistently decent food in the dining halls are the cereal, salad bar, and soft serve ice cream machine. A few weeks ago someone decided it would be a brilliant idea to replace the vanilla ice cream with banana. And we wonder why I have trust issues.

I know some people have voiced concern to some of my various family members that they’re not sure if I’m doing okay, and rest assured that I’m doing wonderfully. My grades are good, I get along with almost everyone I know, and I think I’m on my insane psychology teacher’s good side. Don’t even get me started.