When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand meatballs

Happy Wednesday. Yay. There. That was the most upbeat part of this post.

Simply put, today, September 7th, 2011 AD, was the beginning of the end. And you know it was a bad day when this morning, predicting how today was going to turn out, I had to use the family heirloom Whoopee mug for hot chocolate.

Sarcastic cups. Hot chocolate when it’s still warm outside. Yup. Bad day ahead.

Today was the day that, after a summer of whimsy and frolicking through meadows (hmmm, I wish), I had to go back to my weekly homeschool group. The homeschool group (or co-op, as we call it) is basically a place where parents send their kids to take classes they would have a hard time teaching, and along the way, help them get socialized. 6 long hours of sheer fun. *cough* SARCASM *cough* Ok, I’m actually making it sound worse than it actually is. Thankfully, I’m really good friends with all of the junior and senior girls. All 4 of them… But, for socially awkward home-learned dorks like yours truly, to go from hardly seeing anyone all week to suddenly plunging headfirst into a bunch of equally awkward teenagers isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Or cup of Dr. Pepper. I’ve heard it both ways.

So to try to boost my spirits, last night I made my ultimate comfort food. Meatballs.

I’ve made meatballs a few times before and every time I make them they’re drier than a Brit’s sense of humor. Nothing against British people. I love those guys. But that’s besides the point. Point is I was going into this recipe hoping they’d turn out ok. Did they? Errr….sure?

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of pasta. Or veggies. Or fruit. Or a lot of stuff. But meat? BRING IT ON. Add meat to any dish and I’m happy. Add meat to any meat dish and I’m even happier. I was actually going to put bacon in these meatballs, but my arteries protested. So pasta by itself isn’t my favorite, but adding meatballs made everything ok.

Pair meatballs with garlic bread made from hotdog buns and you’ve got a meal. And the icing on the cake is when your mother exclaims “Garlic bread from hotdog buns?! How resourceful!” I enjoy using the awkward phrases my family says against them ;)

We all know meatballs are the food I turn to when I’m in a bad mood. What’s your comfort food?

To end this on a happy note, the good news is that I’m still sane. Barely. Although this whole spending-hours-away-from-home thing is totally cramping my hermit style.


12 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand meatballs

    • Heyyy, I know you ;)

      I watched the video yesterday morning before co-op and it made me laugh :) I’m pretty sure every Wednesday from here til the end of the school year is going to be a Sarcastic Wednesday.

      I love rum cake! :) I need to make it again soon…

      • If only I was still in school. Their video for Fridays is, I don’t care Friday…which pretty much describes all 3 long years I went there.

        Yes you do! I’ll stab it for you. ;)

        • You’ll stab the cake and put too many holes in it, so all the rummy-sugary icing stuff engulfs the cake and makes it semi-soggy? Oh Katie Kathryn, I’d be honored if you’d do that. Again. ;)

  1. Hmmm. The Whoopee Cup—I guess all of the other cups were not usable. At least you did not have to sit on a Whoopie Cushion. Nice toon about your father’s office. Like your gralic bread creativity.

    I am having a hard time coming up with my comfort food. Guess that I do not really have any. Sorry.

    Good luck with your Co-oping and your Cooping (Chicken that is) !!!

  2. My little Italian Nonna would say that the key to moist meatballs is using frozen stale bread. I know weird, but true. When you have a stale loaf of Italian bread, just throw it in the freezer. When you want to make your meatballs, take it out, let it defrost at little, squeeze the water out and mix it into the meat/egg mixture.

    My mom used to laugh at Nonna and make dry meatballs. Then, one day, mom decided to try out this stale bread method. She never looked back. And she stopped laughing.

    Good luck with school!

    • Really? I’ll definitely have to try that :) I didn’t use bread in these meatballs. Just breadcrumbs. But next time we get some Italian bread and it doesn’t get totally devoured, I’ll use it!

      *sigh* Thanks. I’m soooo ready to be done with highschool…

  3. I *LOVE* hoops & yoyo!!! awesome! I’m sorry you had a bad day….starting school after a long summer is always hard. But hey, I’m right there with you! I started this week as well. Yeah, classes do totally cramp our hermit style. haha it’s a good thing we’re homeschooled, or we might go insane! Actually, I was public schooled before…maybe that’s why I’m such a hermit now, idk! ;) I like your post, and your meal looks fab.


    • I love them too :) Hoops and Yoyo always put me in a good mood.

      Yeah, I don’t think I was ready for school to start. And I really wasn’t ready to be a junior. Gahhh, college is less than 2 years away. I’ve been having flashbacks to when I was little counting how many years it was until I got to highschool, and now I’m almost done with it :/ Ok, they’re not legit flashbacks where I stare off into space and a camera zooms in on me, while random scenes flash through my head. But that’d be pretty sweet, I’ve got to admit ;)

  4. Well, I’m glad you like all four of us. :) Co-op wouldn’t be the same without you or the chemistry class’ awesome safety goggles.

    My comfort food is my mom’s amazing baked potato soup with lots of bacon… but bacon makes everything amazing.

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